Native iPhone App



MVGo is an iPhone App that helps you never be late again.

You add your favourite destinations in Munich and get the next possible routes from your location in only two taps. MVGo can also get your important appointments from your calendar and remind you when you need to leave in order to be on time. When adding favourites, you can choose your current location, the address from a contact in your address book or enter the address yourself quickly with address suggestions after typing a few letters.

With MVGo, you never miss a bus again, because it incorporates live data from the MVG about current delays and shows the actual departure times. While going to your next station, you are provided with a map where you can see your position and the station and the distance left to the station in meters. also a countdown timer shows you if you need to hurry. During the trip, you see detailed information about the next steps, e.g. after how many stations you need to change trains and how long you still need to reach your target destination.

Developed for the course "Praktikum Entwicklung von Mediensystemen mit iOS" at the University of Munich in cooperation with Jacob Eckert, Sebastian Rehm and Julia Ringler.